Samples - flash design

Synaesthetic Theatre
Since 2000 Chris has been the lead designer and programmer on all of Synaesthetic's flash based projects. In some instances this has included creating standalone sites (, but more often this has meant creating flash modules for html driven sites.
:: (a standalone site)
::  The Trial of K - Evidence (flash component)
::  Icon - Flash Experience (flash component)
::  Synaesthetic Theatre Timeline (flash component)

The Steinhardt School of Education at NYU
Since 2001 Chris has been the lead Web Designer for Steinhardt. Part of his duties have been the creation of interactive flash projects for the main School, as well as individual Departments. He has also used Flash extensively in order to seamlessly load photographic content for many of the sites.
::  The Steinhardt School of Education Homepage/Splash movie
::  The Steinhardt School of Education Mission and Vision page
::  Snapshots of The Steinhardt School (a History in Pictures)
::  Music and Performing Arts Department Homepage/Splash movie
::  Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology departmental tour

In 2004 Chris began a collaboration with Gadget creator David Szlasa on the development of the Web component to his art installation about the creation of the first atomic bomb.
::  Gadget (main site)